Strategic Process | AtlasNorth


The strategic process begins with you.

We want to get to know you—who you are, what matters to you, and what your financial goals are. Together, we can explore the available options and share everything we have to offer.


We want to meet you face-to-face. Relationships matter to us, and we want to get to know you: your values, priorities, and personal vision.

Your goals are our goals. Together, we’ll outline what you hope to achieve. These objectives will drive every decision we make.

02Case Design

No size fits all, and we know that every situation is unique. Our team will design the right products, solutions, and a personalized strategy to help you meet your goals.

03Recommendation Meeting

Once we’ve designed the initial strategy, our team will sit down and discuss it with you. This is a time to ask questions, clarify terms, and ensure that we’re on the same page.


After finalizing your strategy, we’re ready to start. We put the steps into action and work towards realizing your goals.

05Annual Review

We will continue to meet with you on a yearly basis to discuss any changes to your financial situation.

Additionally, we recommend review meetings after major life events or changes to your future objectives.