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Personal Solutions

Achieve your future financial goals.

We offer solutions for individual and family financial strategies. We want to help you grow and protect your wealth as you look to the future. With solutions tailored to fit your personal needs and goals, we will help you map your objectives and work to achieve them.

Wealth Management & Retirement Strategies

We offer retirement strategies, insurance products, and professional guidance as you look to the future. As you prepare for retirement and beyond, we want to offer the guidance you need. With regular monitoring of your situation, our solutions are static and ready to change as necessary.

Financial strategies

Chad Worozaken, Financial Adviser with Eagle Strategies LLC, brings his professional expertise to help you plan your long term finances. We offer personalized financial strategies that focus on what matters to you. We plan with your income, values, and family situation in mind.

Estate Strategies

Ensure that your loved ones are cared for even after you’re gone.

Our estate strategies use tax knowledge to allow you to minimize the impact of federal and state taxes, helping you keep your estate intact
for your loved ones.

Neither AtlasNorth Financial Strategies and Insurance Solutions, LLC, [NYLIFE Securities LLC and its affiliates], nor its representatives, provides tax, legal, or accounting advice. Please consult your own tax, legal, or accounting professional before making any decisions.

Asset Protection

When you focus on asset protection, you can accumulate assets for the future.

Keep your business and personal assets safe from liabilities, and ensure proper transfer of assets to your children and grandchildren.

Investment Management

Together, we’ll identify your investment goals. With awareness of your risk tolerance and investment timeline, our team will help you create an investment portfolio to fit your needs.

Disability & Extended Care Needs

Protect your assets and retirement income by designing a strategy that will withstand whatever the future may bring. By creating a strategy for the costs of increased care and disability insurance, you can feel confident in a stable and balanced portfolio.

401(K) IRA Rollovers

While you transition jobs or begin your retirement, you’ll have to decide the right course of action regarding your 401(k) money. Alongside your tax adviser, we are happy to explain advantages and disadvantages as they fit into your personal situation. Ask us about your withdrawal options, required minimum distributions, and how your options may affect your tax treatment.

Neither New York Life Insurance Company nor its agents provide tax or legal service. Consult your own tax and legal advisers regarding your particular situation.

When considering rolling over the proceeds of your retirement strategy to another tax-qualified option, such as an IRA, please note that you may have the option of leaving the funds in your existing strategy or transferring them into a new employer’s strategy. You may wish to consult with your new employer, if any, to learn more about the options available to you under your strategy and any applicable fees and expenses. You may owe taxes if you withdraw funds from the strategy. Please consult a tax advisor before withdrawing funds.

We offer solutions for individual and family financial strategies. We want to help you grow and protect your wealth as you look to the future.
We offer a wide range of solutions for business owners, no matter your current needs. With your goals, values, and financial situtation in mind, our team will work to create and implement a strategy tailored to you
and your business.
Whether you are an individual looking to give or a nonprofit looking to raise funds, our team will come alongside you. We can match your vision with our strategy to help you reach your goals.